HP MP Bars

A character with 92 stamina, indicated by the heart under the HP/MP bars.

(No longer a feature of TERA) Stamina is an indicator used to determine how fatigued a character is. The amount of stamina a character has currently is represented by a number within a heart, placed under the HP/MP bars.

Stamina serves the purpose of granting HP/MP buffs if an adequete amount of stamina is kept (represented by a +X on the bars). However, a low stamina amount can also serve as an HP/MP penalty if the number is too low (represented by a -X on the bars).

Stamina ranges from 0 to 120, but can be temporarily increased to 135.

Draining StaminaEdit

The simplest way to lose stamina is to go out adventuring. As a player fights monsters or ventures out in the world, he or she will slowly and steadily lose stamina.

A quick and painful way to lose stamina is by death. If a player loses all of his health, the amount of stamina drops by approximately 100, stopping at zero if over the limit. Even if resurrected, the player will still have the major hit on stamina and will have to survive the current confrontation with shortened HP/MP bars.

Gaining StaminaEdit


The heart will grow if the character is next to a campfire.

The simplest way to gain stamina is to stand next to a campfire. A campfire will only recharge stamina if the character is out of combat. A player will know if stamina is being recharged by a campfire if the heart grows. As long as the player is in range of a campfire, the character will steadily gain stamina (at about the rate of two points per five seconds) until the max is reached. A sound clip will play once stamina reaches 120.

A quicker way to recharge stamina is to speak to a Cleric of Restoration. Located in most major settlements, the cleric will recharge stamina completely, for a fee. If a Vanarch has contributed enough points to upgrade the Cleric of Restoration, the cleric will also grant a run speed buff.

Another quick way to recharge stamina is by using an Arunic Panacea. Upon use, an Arunic Panacea will recharge all stamina. These should only be used in urgent situations, as Arunic Panaceas are rare and cannot be purchased from an NPC. It is recommended using Arunic Panaceas after a resurrection, or whenever a player has the stamina penalty.

Temporarily Increasing StaminaEdit

The only known way to increase stamina capacity is by obtaining the gathering buff 'Gathering Courage'. With each stack of the benefit, the maximum stamina capacity is increased by 5, up to three times. A player with three stacks of 'Gathering Courage' can reach up to 135 stamina. If the buff is removed, any amount over 120/null will drop down immediately to 120.

Stamina BuffsEdit

20-39 Stamina* – Average Condition – No stat penalties or bonuses.

40-79 Stamina* – Good Condition – Increased HP and MP

80-100 Stamina* – Maximum Condition – Further increased HP and MP

(not entirely sure if its only on baraka, but the stamina requirements are Max:120 Good:119-48 Average:47-24 and debuffs at 23-0, I can only assume this is some sort of nerf to their racial passive, which does not allow stamina to go below 20)

Stamina DebuffsEdit

0-19 Stamina – Poor Condition – HP and MP debuff, also decreased damage.


  • Though stamina is represented by a percentage, this is not how the game determines how much HP/MP the character has. A character with 100 stamina will still receive a positive HP/MP buff. Likewise, a character with 0 stamina will not have 0 HP and MP. It is usually around 50 that a character will have neutral, unaffected health and mana.

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