Sylva Fibers
Sylva Fibers
Raw plant material spun into thread.
Sell value 2Copper

Sylva Fibers is the second of the 5 available fibers in the game. It is used for tailoring and alchemy. Gathering sylva fibers can only level the player's Plant Gathering level up to a maximum of 151. The plants have a chance of dropping Essential Mana, Idyllic Leafs Cochineal Beetles, Indigo Petals, Murex Snails, Saffron Stalks, or Purpurin Roots instead of the actual fibers.

Source Edit

Dropped by monsters and plants from the following provinces:

Recipes Edit

Product Crafting Skill Crafting Lvl Recipe Components
Sylva Salve Alchemy 50 Recipe: Sylva Salve Sylva Fibers x 2
Aerated Gel x 1
Sylvacloth Tailoring 50 Design: Sylvacloth Sylva Fibers x 2
Journeyman Refining Kit x 2

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