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"In the name of Valkyon, I shall judge your sins." --Frayavec (102)
This page is deletion candidate, a page that was viewed irrelevant, unnecessary and does not meet the policies requirements of the TERA Wiki by an editor. As this article was tagged by personal opinion, it shall require personal opinion to fight back. You can state opinion if you agree, or disagree upon this deletion by voting on the talk page.
v · d · eArticle Management
Delete Speedy delete
Merge Incomplete
Missing pictures Cleanup
Unknown information
General Achievement
Item Location
NPC Skill
Quest Dungeon
General Achievement
Item Location
NPC Skill
Quest Dungeon
Reader warnings
Disambiguation Spoiler
Removed content Unreleased content
Voting Merging
Stub fixing
This template flags a page (Not just an article, any page) for deletion. It will categorize them and notify the TERA Wiki community that this article needs a check.
Your deletion candidate will be added to the Community Portal in which every editor will be notified to see and judge if your vote is subject to pass.
Visit Stating your opinion as a vote for more information on how to state your opinion of the deletion of the page.
Type {{delete}} at the very top of an article.
Add an additional |reason=}} must be added to form {{|reason=This article a low quality written guide with no links to it}} for example.
  • Do use this template if you find a page that you think it shouldn't exist.
Don't dos
  • Do not be a "douchebag" and abuse this template by flagging every page you think is too short and non-informative as a delete, use Stub, Expansion or Incomplete instead.
  • Do not use this template for vandalized pages and page names, NFSW pictures, advertisement or illegal content, this needs to be removed as soon as possible and requires no discussions at all, and is required to be flagged with Speedy delete.
  • Do not flag an article for deletion if the content of the page is large, form a discussion for the page and see if anybody else agrees it should be deletion, then, add the tag and see how everyone else reacts.

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