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Unknown information
General Achievement
Item Location
NPC Skill
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General Achievement
Item Location
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Quest Dungeon
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Stub fixing
This template flags an article as a stub, an article that lacks content to be considered informative. It's not supposed to be placed to annoy people, but to let people know that they won't find anything subjectively informative and it required to be fixed as fast as possible.
Not only it labels the article, this template categorizes the article into general, achievement, item, skill, location, NPC, dungeon, quest or mob stub categories, respectively.
This template also has a parameter called 'needs', allowing editors to express why they think this article is a stub and how it should be fixed.
Type {{stub}} at the very top of an article.
Add an additional /<type> if it falls under a certain category. For example: {{stub/quest}}. Options: achievement, item, skill, npc, dungeon, quest, mob, location (and of course, none, for a general stub).
Add an additional |needs=}} can be added to form {{stub|needs=Additional information of where to obtain the item, and usage in crafting}} for example. This is not a must, and you’ll very unlikely find a good usage of this parameter, but it is there if you believe it’s necessary. Expansion (mini-stub) or Unknown information, as mentioned below, might make better use.
  • Do use it in an article you deem short and non-informative.
  • Do use this template when you create a new page and believe it's just the very beginning of the page.
Don't dos
  • Do not use this page in every page you think is not complete and requires more people and time to work on such (E.x: achievement lists, skill lists), there is an Incomplete template for such.
  • Do not use this template in page sections. If you think a certain section of a page is lacking information and the rest of such is in great condition, use Expansion, Expansion/achievement, Expansion/item, Expansion/skill, Expansion/location, Expansion/npc, Expansion/dungeon, Expansion/quest or Expansion/mob instead, it's literally a mini stub.
  • Do not use this template if you find a field inside a tooltip or infobox template that is not filled, use Unknown information in such field for that instead.
  • Do not use such template in your User Page or other irrelevant pages! Like all categorizing templates, such templates are very important and are constantly checked by old and new editors to be fixed. If you find a page that does not deserve this template, remove the template off the page at once.

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