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Tenebrous Mines
Tenebrous Mines
Continent Southern Arun
Province Val Aureum
Zone Basilisk Crag

Tenebrous Mines is one of the locations in the game TERA. It is one of the dungeons in Val Aureum.

The wars of the gods left behind countless valuable artifacts. The Tenebrous Mines tap one of the richest deposits within easy reach of Velika. The nearby town of Chebika used to do brisk business in the artifact trade, but those days are sadly over.

Digging up artifacts is profitable, but risky. The Scions of Lok have captured the mines for their own nefarious plans. They continue to dig, but rather than manage rebellious miners, the Scions killed them all and raised an undead work force. Hulking bloodclaw arachnens and an army of undead lock down the middle levels, while deeper mines are full of Lokians and Scion thugs. A ferocious demon guards the center of it all.

You can easily travel between the levels by searching for the teleport master.[1]

Halls of GloomEdit

Halls of Gloom

This portion of the mines is the last bit that has not been dug up by the cultists and their undead. Risen miners and overseers patrol the tunnels, attempting to dig up the last bit of something powerful and ancient.

Halls of ShadowEdit

Halls of Shadow

Powerful undead and massive insects reside within these tunnels. Pits of a strange, eerie light have been dug up and provide the cultists with more materials. Federation camps have been set up to fight these powerful forces.

Notable BAMs:

  • Relentless Arachnen Burrowers

Halls of UtterdarkEdit

Halls of Utterdark