So time goes by rather quickly and with the tera wiki I can see that alot more with how long it has been since I have made one of these weekly updates. (spending too much time in the background ^_^) 

As always I am thankful for all of the editors (that is anyone who makes a page or edits one) as you all are the lifeblood of the wiki, without you many people would not have a place to find details about all things related to the Tera world. 

For those of you who I have not had a chance to say hello to I welcome you to this wiki and glad you are here, we have many resources premade for you so just give me a message on my wall: if you have any questions and I will see about helping you, I have a knack for dealing with tricky page issues so we can work through those together. 

I noticed the main page was in need of some refreshing so I updated the news section but I still need your help! It has been some time since we have had a interesting fact or new poll, so it would be great if anyone would suggest ether here: or here:

And if you cant seem to find a role or want to have some direction, here is a helpful page with projects and to-do list for you to keep aiming for:

Now please understand even though this is a weekly update I have come to find that at times trying to do it weekly results in pointless information being shared, to limit that these updates are only posted when enough time and there is valuable info to be shared.

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