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    Before you start pulling your hair, asking yourself "why?!" in reception to why a new theme for the TERA Wiki is being developed, let me quickly answer that. It is not, but it is. The current skin is not changing, it's just monobook getting a little love.


    Let's start with the news, as I can't possibly message everyone on their wall about this personally anymore, we're increasing!

    There's a few exciting things been happening lately regarding the TERA Wiki lately. If you're not using AdBlock! Plus, you would have noticed that the TERA Wiki is now featured in the Wikia Spotlight! That means a great deal, as there are around 10-25 wikis featured on it for a variety of time and will show on every article on Wikia! That's really great, Wikia hav…

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    For the past week give or take, me alongside of Natsunya and Redmaniac333 have worked on a new main page to spice up the old plain and classic one we used to have.

    I mostly believed that the change was very necessary. The main page is the place where everybody lands when they arrive to the TERA Wiki, and it brings me great pleasure to see it improved.

    Currently the portals are empty except the character portal. Don't worry about that, because that's where you come in! The portals are missing content, and we need more people to assist us and become part of the community! If you've read the 'Attention recruits!' section, it would explain you exactly what you need to know. If you haven't, then you should go read it.

    Besides that, I wanted to hea…

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    Greetings and meetings, fellow readers, and editors of the TERA Wiki!

    As you're recently aware, the administration on the TERA Wiki has been left unanswered for the past month, leaving no users with the ability to promote or demote editors. Rexxagon, the founder of the TERA Wiki is the only one in position and is currently inactive for the past weeks.

    Wikia Support has taken action in this, and have decided as there have been 14 editors for the past month, equaling enough to be considered an active community. Therefore an action must be taken from the community to choose a new bureaucrat to expand administration on the TERA Wiki.

    En Masse Entertainment is to be treating us with a special surprise soon enough, which is why we deserve and requir…

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    It's been quite a while since we began the submissions for the new design, which is why it's time to decide things quickly as other things are awaiting to be worked on which require to be adopted upon the design, such as templates and the main page.

    The vote will be simple, vote for the skin you find most appealing. Option 6 is the current skin, and lastly is neither, a completely different one (Why didn't you submit?).

    Click the links below to view the designs.

    Option 1

    Option 2

    Option 3

    Option 4

    Option 5

    Option 6

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    A new design awaits!

    May 14, 2012 by Zikkun

    Greetings and meetings, fellow readers and editors of the TERA Wiki.

    It's been almost three years ever since the TERA Wiki has been open to the world, along with our current design which has slightly changed in the past two years. Considering it's been a long time, and TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea is now available to United States and Europe, and I felt as though the TERA Wiki needed a new design layout to spice it up a bit!

    Although I have made a design of my own and could have uploaded it without asking, I believed that is not how a wiki is supposed to work. A Wiki is owned by the community itself and none other. An administrator is nothing but another editor with more buttons.

    Therefore I believe the wisest choice would be to ask you, the co…

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