Val Elenium
Val Elenium
Continent Southern Shara

Val Elenium is one of the provinces of the Southern Shara continent.


The scorched deserts of Val Elenium house ancient, terrible secrets. Empires rose and fell upon these sands. Massive relics mark the passing of the giants, while the ruins of Thunder Hold give the prion remnants hope that they might one day regain their ancient glories. For federation settlers, Val Elenium’s harsh nature is a point of pride. Anyone who can make their fortune in this bleak setting has more than proved their mettle.

The settlers battle kulkaris, arachnens, and prions as they fight to secure the region’s wealth and unlock the mysteries beneath its sands. Not everyone survives, however. Thulsa and Killian both maintain forces in Val Elenium, searching for some lost relic or power source—and they are not known for their hospitality.[1]

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