Vale of the Fang
Vale of the Fang Zone
Continent Southern Arun
Province Poporia

The Vale of the Fang is one of the zones in the province of Poporia.


Home to most of Poporia’s vampirs, the Vale of the Fang is unofficially ruled by the vampir aristocrats (particularly Duke Volperon and

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Duchess TiraniaEdit

(Vampir Royalist)

Located in the Vale of Fang's Sinestral Manor, she is one of the four bosses.

Level: 27


She takes on the appearance of the Blood Maids found in Vale of Fang. ) who dwell in the Sinestral Manor. Vampir guards have traditionally kept the roads safe and guarded the farms where vampirs raise beasts to slake their thirst.

Now, however, the roads aren’t safe. Devan mercenaries from Stalkers Company, working alongside the vampir guards, control the entrance to the vale and threaten Popolion. Massive Ovoliths guard the grounds of Sinestral Manor, waiting to devour anyone foolish enough to approach. The aristocrats fortify their positions and marshal their strength, but to what end?

Finding those answers will be up to you.[1]

Major TownsEdit



Level RangeEdit

  • Levels 25–27

Notable BAMsEdit

Named MobsEdit

Instanced DungeonsEdit



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