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The Valkyrie: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour

Role Offense
Combat range Close Combat (8 meters)
Movement speed Fast (110%)
Weapon type Runeglaive
Armor type Leather

The valkyrie is a light armored class which specializes using her 7 runemarked Runeglaive to mark her enemies for death with close ranged offensive damage-dealing capabilities for effective crowd-control and burst DPS. The class is only available to castanic females.

The main traits of the valkyrie are mobility and survivability through stunlocks.

Official description Edit

Valk Symbol
"Using her intricately carved runeglaive, the valkyrie brands runemarks onto enemies and explodes them for massive damage. She mixes slashes, leaping attacks, and power slams to destroy her foes, maximizing the effectiveness of her crits while nimbly evading damage."

Equipment and attributesEdit

Equipment Edit

Attributes Edit

Valkyrie uses standard melee Weapon Crystals: Bitter, Savage, Focused and Pounding.

Recommended weapon rolls are Damage vs. enraged monster; Damage vs. enraged monsters; +6.9% damage from behind and Flat 6% damage, and Cooldown reduction. With low gear that has only 4 enigmatic lines keep pick Cooldown reduction as first roll.

Valkyrie main skills have rather high crit chance. However, class had some changes in awakening patch and 5x crit change on main damage skill was nerfed to 3x. In addition "rotation skills" gained new crit change glyphs.

Pure power build Valkyries used since class release is not recommended anymore, and Valkyrie needs from extra crit rate. Total 221 crit should be enough to reach crit cap (100% crit chance) with 3x crit chance skills (due castanic race passive). However, more is needed to reach cap for 2x crit chance skills.

Skills and racial traitsEdit

Skills Edit

Racial traits Edit

As Valkyrie can only be Castanic, they have active skill Skirmish Running Skirmish Running which increases their running speed during combat, and Dirty Fighting Dirty Fighting which gives them a higher chance to score a critical hit from the back.

Glyphs and crystals Edit

Glyphs Edit

Crystals Edit

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