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Valley of Titans
Valley of Titans Zone
Continent Southern Arun
Province Arcadia

The Valley of Titans is one of the locations in the game TERA. It is one of the zones in Arcadia.


The Valley of Titans is actually a system of interconnected valleys lying between the rocky peaks of the mountains west of Ostgarath. The small amount of arable land in the region is given over to cattle ranches and small farms, most of which have been overrun by the Gutrend Kulkaris, including the burned-out ruins of the village of Colchester, now controlled by the Gutrends.

Federation troops are spread thin here. Suspicious activity in the southernmost valley, where the Scions of Lok appear to have established a local headquarters, is the federation’s primary concern. The few remaining ranchers depend on volunteer help to keep from being overrun by cattle-killing Hyenas.

Besides hyenas and the Gutrends who hunt with them, bears and wild boars also pose a threat to soldiers and travelers. A lone Ovolith, Arakia, roams the dales and kills at will. And in the far south, the Devans and the Scions of Lok band together to keep the federation out of the Valselok Shrine. The federation commanders need your help to take them down.[1]

Two Oaks Ranch

Aerial view of Two Oaks Ranch, Valley of Titans, Arcadia Province.



Level RangeEdit

  • Levels 17–22

Notable BAMsEdit

Named MobsEdit

Dakarius, a Scion of Lok leader