Veritas District
Veritas District Province
Continent Southern Shara

Veritas District is one of the provinces of the Southern Shara continent.


The Veritas District is home to countless natural wonders preserved by Balder and Seren during the Age of Gods. Originally created by Balder to share with Seren, it became a sanctuary of knowledge as well as nature. Numerous sloths and mandrills wandered the lush paths and an ancient archive stored countless secrets. Watched over by an army of golems, the refuge lay inaccessible for years after Balder’s death.

Inexplicably, the golems recently stepped aside to allow newcomers into the refuge. Agents of the Mysterium came to study the gardens and wonders of Balder’s Temple, while the Hyderad Legacy, a faction devoted to the preservation of the natural world, came to help preserve it.[1]

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