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The Warrior: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour

Warriorminiicon Warrior
Role Offense
Combat range Very short (2 meters)
Movement speed Very fast (120%)
Weapon type Twin swords
Armor type Leather
"Swift blades bring swift defeat."

The warrior is a light armored class which specializes in a pair of twin swords with melee offensive damage-dealing capabilities.
The main traits of the warrior are agility and fast execution skills. Although not the best when it comes to taking a hit, the warrior specializes in great dodging skills thanks to its fast movement speed to avoid getting hit.

Official description Edit

"A warrior deals damage with impressive, deadly feats of swordplay while weaving in and out of enemies' attacks. It's the warrior's way to dive into the middle of the fray and mow down the opposition. Invulnerability while using the Evasive Roll skill means the warrior can do enough damage to hold aggro, and still dodge and roll out of harm's way. Coming up from behind an opponent after a roll enables the warrior to strike from behind, before his opponent can turn and counterattack.
The warrior's deft moves and quick dodges make it easy to hold aggro while avoiding damage. Quick to make decisions and quicker to draw swords, the warrior will not fall back on the battlefield. If you've misplaced your warrior, always look ahead—never behind.

Equipment and attributes Edit


Equipment Edit

Geared with only leather armor, the warrior takes advantage of such ease of weight in order to excel in dodging skills above all other classes. With the right amount of timing and precision, the warrior can hold down an enemy easily to a point where it could be considered a defender. Equipped with a pair of powerful twin swords, the warrior can use them to create large, quick and powerful attacks of damage to hit anything surrounding it as it dodges attacks.

Attributes Edit

25px This section requires an expansion. [edit]

Skills and racial traits Edit

Skills Edit

Skill distribution :

11 Damage Skills – Combo Attack, Rain of Blows, Poison Blade, Combative Strike, Rising Fury, Vortex Slash, Pounce, Traverse Cut, Blade Draw, Leaping Strike, and Cascade of Stuns

2 Taunts - Torrent of Blows and Battle Cry

4 Avoidance Skills - Retaliate, Death from Above, Evasive Roll, and Staggering Counter

2 Movement Skills - Charging Slash and Backstab

2 Stances - Assault Stance and Defensive Stance

4 Utility skills – Smoke Aggressor, Deadly Gamble, Mangle, and Cross Blade.

As the warrior increases in level, it's role in the group can vary. Between the levels of 12-16, a warrior's ability to deal damage and recover from deadly stuns is improved with the Smash, Smash Intensified, and Soaring Attack. The latter of these skills allows the warrior to stand up and counter an attack after being stunned.

At level 20, the warrior gains a few new skills that appear to make it an evasion tank. The skill Dual Sword Dance, learned at level 20, is a hard hitting consecutive attack that awards aggro. Elusive Strike at level 24 allows the warrior to evade attacks and become invincible for a time while dealing a 'surprise attack'. At level 28, Venomous Blow allows the warrior to attack its target with a poisoned weapon, applying a damage over time (DoT) effect to the enemy.

At level 30 a warrior may learn the skill Will of Iron which increases their defensive stat while draining their mana. At level 36, Will of Menace allows all skills to award more aggro at the cost of a mana drain.

Racial traits Edit

Being able to pick between one of the seven races proves to be a tough choice. Each race has their own unique racial traits that can effectively improve the gameplay of the warrior, depending on race choice:

Glyphs and crystals Edit

Glyphs Edit

Specializing in glyphs like all classes means a great deal to customization.

Green - Awesome Glyph Dark Green - Good Glyph Notable glyphs are:

Combo Attack :

Combo Attack

Glyph of Spirit - 35% more MP back per hit - Unless you are always in a party running some sort of MP regen this is pretty much a mandatory Glyph.

Glyph of Fainting - 5% chance per hit to stun for 2 sec - While the chances might seem low on paper, we attack very fast so this goes off a lot

Evasive Roll :

Evasive Roll

Glyph of Persistence - Reduce ST cost by 100 - A great tanking choice, this will let you dodge 3 times in a row on a full ST bar.

Rain of Blows :

Rain of Blows

Glyph of Power - 25% Additional Damage - This is one of our highest damage move so if you're going to glyph for damage you cannot go wrong here.

Glyph of the Sanative - Restores 0.5 life per hit - This gives you 3.5% of your max hp back when you connect with all 7 hits of this skill; at max level this is around 2k HP. It will fail to keep you alive while tanking and is all but useless if you group with healers but does wonders when soloing.

Combative Strike :


Glyph of the Sanative - Cost 50% less HP - This should be one your first Glyph and be included in any setup where you are not always grouped with a healer.

Defensive Stance :


Glyph of Grounding - Adds an extra 20% endurance(40% total) - If you are going to tank real content this should always be included.

Retalitate :


Glyph of Energy - 20% cool down reduction - If you are serious about tanking then use this; knock downs are the number one way you will die vs bosses so being able to get up more often might just save your life.

Battle Cry :


Swift Glyph - 50% faster cast speed - 0.55 sec instead of 1.1 makes a difference; for PvP it’s a necessary evil but for PvE you cannot really justify the massive 6 point cost.

Cross Pary :


Glyph of the Pump - 30% chance that when you parry your power is increased by 15% for 10 sec - Great glyph if you intend to tank helps with agro as well.

Torrent of Blows :


Glyph of Threat - 20% more Threat - If your weapon lacks +threat modifiers it might be wise to get this with a high damage party. It also help to compensate a little if you try to maintain agro outside of Defensive Stance.

Reaping Slash :


Glyph of Power - Increase the damage by 25% - If you are a DPS warrior grab this, otherwise pass.

Death from Above :


Glyph of Energy 30% cool down reduction - Must have Glyph for anything PvE and for 3 points this one is a steal. You can skip it for PvP.

Glyph of Dexterity - 50% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 sec - Great Glyph for both Tanking and DPS; the attack speed bonus is noticeable and if you work out Death from Above in your skill rotation you can expect a pretty good uptime.

Glyph of Protection - Increase your Endurance by 25 for 8 sec - This basically gives you defensive stance for 8 sec (stacks with it too) a great mitigation boost and you can keep it up for as long as you want if you get the CD reduction glyph. Get it!

Traverse Cut :


Glyph of Lingering - 50% longer debuff- This allow for the debuff to overlap letting you keep the armour debuff much longer, Great for tanking as well since it lets you focus on other things than refreshing a debuff every 12 sec.

Blade Draw :


Glyph of Power - 25% more damage - Do I really need to explain this?? High damage skill + More damage = Win.

Glyph of Persistence - 40% chance to reset skill cool-down - Normally I am not a fan of skill cool-down reset Glyph but on this one I make an exception. This does very high damage and they are multiple ways to prime it so not a bad choice for DPS

Backstab :


Glyph of Lingering - 50% longer stun - Must have; gives an extra 2 sec of stun (6 sec total) vs just about everything but Bosses (very high stun resist) and PvP (half stun duration).

Glyph of Energy - 25% cool down reduction - For PvE no; for PvP try to work it in your build it helps a lot.

Glyph of Persistence* - 30% chance to reset cool-down - For PvE no; for PvP, with a few reset, this can change the course of a fight.

Staggering Counter :


Glyph of Lingering - 50% longer stun - A great glyph but costly for only 1.5 sec extra stun time.

Cascade of Stuns :


Glyph of Persistence - 30% chance to reset cool down - Its unreliable and I do hate unreliable skills but in PvP a chance to re-stun everyone is golden (I have kept people stun-locked entire fights with this at times).

Glyph of Lingering - 25% longer stun duration - While only 25% longer, this skill can hit a large area if you do it right and a longer AoE stun is really good.

Scythe :


Glyph of Carving - Double Critical Chances - An amazing glyph on an average skill; if you are always running dungeons in DPS mode grab this otherwise pass

Glyph of Carving - Double Critical Chances - An amazing glyph on an average skill; if you are always running dungeons in DPS mode grab this otherwise pass

Link to the original Guide : Warrior Guide Nalfens Warrior Guide

Crystals Edit

Crystal Guide Link : Nalfen´s Warrior Guide

The Crystal Builds

IMPORTANT: All builds presented here assume you will fight stuff within your level range (-3 to +2 level). When you fight enemies that are 2 or more levels above you, the chance of causing critical hits goes down drastically. To stay effective you need to replace all critical multiplier crystals to strait X% damage ones. The reduction to your base damage and critical chances just kills the overall damage of a critical build; a strait + damage build becomes the only viable option. The following Crystals should be changed to Flat damage Crystals (Mutinous/Hunter/Domineering) when you are under level: Savage, Forceful, Focused, Slaying, Carving, Squelching etc...

Gear and Experience Ratings

[LOW] Basic gear; you have a few or no enchants at all and/or fewer crystal slots due to lower level/bad gear quality and you are inexperienced.

[AVG] Good gear; enchanted to around +6 to +9, you have access to all the crystals you need and you have a good deal of experience.

[MAX] Perfect gear; enchanted to +9 or +12; you always have the best crystals and you have loads of experience.

[ANY] Means that this build does not need anything specific gear/experience wise; just get the crystals and you're set.


This section is broken down in levels because our needs changes as we get higher in levels. Whenever possible use the best quality crystals you can find.

Early Levels 1-11: Do not bother with crystals; if you find some from questing go ahead and use them but don't go out of your way. If you are on an alt and you already have crystals use the lvl 11-23 setup.

Teens 11-23: Depending on your gear you should now have 2 or 3 slots available; Start by getting 2 Brilliant crystal for your weapon; you will need the MP regen. At any time when you are in a position where you can constantly hit the back of enemies (you already have a tank for example) you can replace all Brilliant crystals with a single Glistening Crystal and then add a Savage+Forceful crystal to increase your damage. For your Armour, add in one Fleetfoot crystal and fill the remaining slots with Vigorous crystals or Relentless if you have a healer.

[LOW]Teen Grinding I: Weapon: Brilliant, Brilliant, Focused | Armor: Fleetfoot, Vigorous, Vigorous [AVG]Teen Grinding II: Weapon: Brilliant, Brilliant, Backbiting | Armor: Fleetfoot, Vigorous, Vigorous

Early Level BAMs: You will be facing your first BAM's around the end of your teens. If you intend to kill a lot of those you should change your setup accordingly. My normal BAM setups are better than what i will list here but you probably will not have access to rare crystals + charms at low level. The basic build tries to get you what you need as low cost and gives you performance from faillure. The average build is the best setup you ccan use at that level range.

[LOW]Low level BAM SOLO I: Weapon: Swift, Brilliant, Focused | Armour: Empyrean, Vigorous x2 [AVG]Low level BAM SOLO II: Weapon: Carving, Acrimonious, Focused | Armour: Empyrean, Vigorous x2

[LOW]Low level BAM GROUP I: Weapon: Swift, Glistening, Savage | Armour: Empyrean, Relentless x2 [AVG]Low level BAM GROUP II: Weapon: Carving, Acrimonious, Savage | Armour: Empyrean, Anarchic x2

Gearing Up 23-32: In this phase of the game your green gear will slowly be replaced by blues or possibly gold items once you hit lvl 27. This means more crystal slots and better class performance. If you are still going solo use the same setup as above but replace one MP regen with an Backbiting, those should be more common by now and if you did a few group quests you should have gotten some from doing Ovomelds (combining white and grey eggs to get a gold one). If you got gold items, you have all 4 slots, so you can use the higher lvl setups. If you still rely on MP regen crystals as your source of MP you should look into acquiring items that provide MP on hit or MP regen at the start of combat so you can use your crystal slots for Damage.

[LOW]Gearing Up I: Weapon: Brilliant, Backbiting, Focused | Armor: Fleetfoot, Vigorous, Vigorous [AVG]Gearring Up II: Weapon: Brilliant, Backbiting, Savage | Armor: Fleetfoot, Vigorous, Vigorous

The Grind 32-58: By now or hopefully very soon, you should have proper gear; you have your 4 crystal slots availlable and you have access to a good selection so you can just use any of the real builds below for your setup.


Mob Grinding: Those builds are used to level up or kill a high number of normal enemies in the shortest time. The basic build assumes you do not have good gear yet so it focuses on reducing your cost and downtime. The average build gives you a good amount of damage but still reduces downtime. The pro build just capitalize on the fastest possible kill time.

[LOW]Mob Grinding I: Weapon: Focused, Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant | Armour: Fleetfoot, Vigorous x3 [AVG]Mob Grinding II: Weapon: Carving, Savage, Glistening, Backbiting | Armour: Fleetfoot, Vigorous x3 [MAX]Mob Grinding III: Weapon: Slaying, Savage, Backbiting and Focused | Armour: Resolute x4

The Critical: This build capitalizes on maxing the critical multiplier to speed up BAM soloing while providing a few recovery methods in case of mistakes. The basic build once again makes sure you can get everything from the vendor while still providing some decent damage. The average build gives you good damage and helps your survival somewhat. The pro build once again assumes you know enough not to get hit and take advantage of the enrage phase.

[LOW]Solo BAM - The Critical I: Weapon: Savage, Glistening, Forceful, Focused | Armour: Vigorous x4 [AVG]Solo BAM - The Critical II: Weapon: Savage, Carving, Forceful, Acrimonious | Armour: Empyrean, Vigorous x3 [MAX]Solo BAM - The Critical III: Weapon: Savage, Focused, Forceful, Acrimonious | Armour: Empyrean, Anarchic x 3

The Kamikaze: This variant of the Crit build revolves around fighting under 50% HP to take advantage of the Slaying crystal. It is generally accepted as the fastest way to kill BAMs but also the most dangerous. The basic build tries to emulate what you get on the other builds without being too expensive and allows for a few mistakes. The average build just goes all out damage but still keeps a Carving crystal to help you crit more often. The pro build is all about max damage; it replaces the Carving with Focused assuming that you crit enough without help and that you can stay in and do as much damage as possible during the enrage phase.

[LOW]Solo BAM - The Kamikaze I: Weapon: Slaying, Savage, Acrimonious, Carving | Armour: Relentless x4 [AVG]Solo BAM - The Kamikaze II: Weapon: Slaying, Savage, Acrimonious, Carving | Armour: Resolute x4 [MAX]Solo BAM - The Kamikaze III: Weapon: Slaying, Savage, Acrimonious, Focused | Armour: Resolute x4

The Ganker: This build is your solo all purpose PvP build; its meant to do good damage, provide you with MP and keep you alive long enough for a kill.

[ANY]PVP - The Ganker: Weapon: Glistening, Savage, Forceful, Slaying | Armour: Grieving, Relentless x3


The Royal: Those builds assume you have access to a good source of MP regen, like a Mystic or MP IV charms so you can save crystal slots for other things. The basic build is made to be cheap and can be vendor bought while capitalizing on your mistakes by adding the Slaying and Focus crystal. The average build is probably the most common Boss Tanking setup for warriors out there; Hunter/Mutinous crystals are used to help improve the damage while Swift is there to help you avoid hits. The Armour setup is: Basic shield on enrage to prevent instagib and 3x dmg reduction. The Pro setup makes one slight adjustment, you replace the Swift crystal for a Forceful crystal; by now you should know the fight well enough not to need movement speed and well enough to get a few back hits here and there.

[LOW]Tanking - The Royal I: Weapon: Threatening, Swift, Focused, Slaying | Armour: Warding, Relentless x3 [AVG]Tanking - The Royal II: Weapon: Threatening, Swift, Hunter/Mutinous x2 | Armour: Empyrean, Anarchic/Stalwart x3 [MAX]Tanking - The Royal III: Weapon: Threatening, Forceful, Hunter/Mutinous x2 | Armour: Empyrean, Anarchic/Stalwart x3

The Cheapskate: Those builds are build to provide your own source of MP generation without ha