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Icegrip Weapon SkinsEdit

Weapon skins crafted after the deadly frost attacks of Kelsaik.

Foodie Weapon SkinsEdit

Kick your weapon up a notch with summer-food-themed skins for all your favorite weapons!

Golden Dragon Weapon Skins Edit

Show Shandra Manaya the true power of the dragons!

Dark Side Weapon Skins Edit

Master the dark! Fashioned from black iron, demonic spines, and the stuff of nightmares, these weapon skins bring out the dark side of TERA.

Icetouch Weapon Skins

If it doesn't shine, its a waste of time! Be a trendsetter with these shimmering blue weapon skins and draw attention from wherever your travels may take you. Your enemies will tremble and your allies will applaud. The gleam of sea ice lends your weapon a magical aura.

Prestige Weapon Skins Edit

Transform the tools of your lethal trade with weapon skins that say, “I don’t just have a class—I am class.” Show your friends and enemies in the world of TERA that you’re ready for battle...and ready to look good doing it.

Whimsical Weapon SkinsEdit

Fight with a flight of whimsy!

Sometimes even serious business needs a little silliness. TERA’s fast-action combat gives you little time to clown around or show off your amazing wit in chat. What better way to show your friends—and enemies—your sense of humor than with Whimsical weapon skins?

Black Dragon Weapon Skins Edit

Whether you’re hunting BAMs, killing gods, or fighting fellow players in TERA’s battlegrounds, do it in style with the new Black Dragon weapon skins. Every class gets a skin that transforms an ordinary weapon into an artifact that evokes TERA’s past...and perhaps its future.


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