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Weaponsmithing was the skill used to craft weapons for the melee Lancer, Berserker, Warrior, and Slayer classes; Lances , Axes, Paired Swords, and Great Swords. This skill also involved smelting ores that are obtained through Mining into ingots, which can then be used to craft weapons. The patterns to raise Weaponsmithing through refining ingots are different from the patterns used to raise Armorsmithing through refining.

It has since merged with Focuscrafting, and all weapons are now crafted using the Weaponcrafting profession.

-Work in Progress-

Design: Krysteel Ingot: 1

You need 200 Krymetal Ore

200 of the Apprentice Refining Kits

Craft 100 Kyrsteel Ingots

Weaponsmithing is now 100.

Design: Linsteel Ingot: 1

200 Linmetal Ore

200 Journeyman Refining Kits

Craft 100 Linsteel Ingots

Weaponsmithing is now 200.

Design: Norsteel Ingot: 1

You need 200 Normetal Ore

200 of the Professional Refining Kits

Craft 100 Norsteel Ingots

Weaponsmithing is now 300.

Design: Shadsteel Ingot: 1

You need 200 Shadmetal Ore

200 of the Artisan Refining Kits

Craft 100 Shadsteel Ingots

Weaponsmithing is now 400.

Design: Xersteel Ingot: 1

You need 200 Xermetal Ore

200 of Master Refining Kits

Craft 100 Xersteel Ingots

Weaponsmithing is now 500.

Once your weaponsmithing level reaches 500 you have the option of taking an Artisan Test which requires you to craft various items and once you pass the test you may progress past level 500.

At this point you have two options:

  1. Refine Pure Cobala Ore into Pure Cobala Ingots until level 650
  2. Refine Pure Goblu Essence into Pure Goblusilex until level 650

Now that you have achieved level 650 it is recommended that you craft Ostatak Oil until level 800.

Once you are level 800, an optional Master Test is available to you.

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