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Gender Female
Race God
Reaction Friendly
Status Alive

Zenobia is the Goddess of Storms. She is said to have laid her lover Iannis to rest under the sea in Tempest Reach region in Westonia. When Thulsa tried to ressurect Iannis, Zenobia froze the whole region to temporarily stop him. The Mysterium is trying to find a way to cancel Thulsa's magic and restore the Temprest Reach region.


Zenobia disguised as a bard.

The player comes into contact with Zenobia through the storyline quest "Zenobia's Loss". At first, she disguises herself as a human bard named Ona, whose music seems to scare away the undead. After the player undermines the efforts at bringing Iannis back by destroying the tombstones Thulsa’s minions are using to concentrate his necromancy around Iannis’ crypt, Zenobia reveals herself. She gives the player her blessing and vows to help Acarum's people drive away the undead that have been terrorizing the region.